Monday, August 20, 2007

My Turn - show and tell

Amanda, of AJKnitting fame, had to show off her fancy, new sewing machine here, so those of us with...hmmm...well-loved machines are sharing as well. So here mine is:

It's served me well and I don't have any major problems with it, so I doubt I'll be getting a new one anytime soon. I'll just dream about serging and automatic button holes for now. Although there was just a coupon for a brother machine at Costco - I think it expires today actually. That's okay.

Oh, Annie, I would love to see your machine! I don't know why Cara neglected to make such a request.

Friday, August 10, 2007


That is the number of seconds that Finn can stand on his hands. Impressive, I think. He just wants to stand and climb everything, even when he's nursing. Picture this...his mouth latched at the appropriate place (you don't really have to picture that, not in detail anyway), his feet on my lap and his butt way up in the air. That describes our last feeding session with him trying to climb up me while still eating. He's a maniac.

3 is also the number of naps that Finn continues to take. I tried at about 7 months to get him into the 2-3-4 schedule, but he was always cranky after 2 hours awake, so we stuck with what was more like 2-2-2-4. Now, he's dealing well with being up 3 hours after the morning nap, but his naps are ending up being so short that he needs a third one. One hour naps, so the schedule is now more like 2-3-2-4. Ughhh. How is this supposed to work? I think I was better off before. Now his feeding schedule is getting thrown off as well. What to do? Is there something I don't know?