Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today my baby turns one. A year ago I had this prescious little bundle...

...and now I have a curious, brown-eyed, trouble-making, armful of cuteness.

We had a birthday party for him over the weekend at my parents' house. It was a bird theme - I made a birdhouse cake and little bird's nest cupcakes.

The cake was...well, troublesome. In hindsight, I should have ditched the cream cheese frosting (it was a carrot cake) for something more solid, and I should have chosen a light color for the birdhouse. It was supposed to be burgundy and after many rounds of adding coloring, I finally gave in to what was a pinkish house because it was taking waaaay too long. (Enter guilt for making my son's first birthday cake pink.) I think the bird's nests, however, were absolutely adorable. The whole thing probably would have been a failure if it weren't for the help of my sister who has been doing her kids' birthday cakes for 13 years now.

Finn absolutely enjoyed his cupcake, including the little nest bits.

He ate every bit that wasn't lost in his highchair.

I also got these warbling bird whistles as favors for the kids at the party. I just loved these when I was little.

And here is the birthday garlard that I made:

A crappy picture...I know. If I get a chance I'll do some more in a follow-up. Anyway, this is something I will use over and over again. I can't take credit for the idea - I saw it here at Mahar Drygoods some time ago and have been planning to make one ever since. I just added the birds to the ends for this year. I think the supplies cost me less than $6, so definitely worth it and fun to make.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My, how time flies...

Since this blog hasn't existed for even a year, there are some big things that were never shared here. Today, I'm going to fill a small void.

This was me last year at this time:

Well...the photo was taken by my wonderful husband on October 29th of '06. But on today's date (November 20th) last year I was 40 weeks pregnant and waiting. Part of me doesn't even remember what it was like being pregnant. If I try to remember, I can recall all the little things, but overall it was pretty much just like being...not pregnant. Now, the being a parent and not being a parent...those are two very different lives, but that's another topic. As it turned out I was to wait another week before I would begin the transition from pregnant to not pregnant and non-parent to parent.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Craft Event Alert

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, check out the 4th Annual Handmade Arcade, taking place at Construction Junction in Point Breeze. The event features the crafty goods of some of our area's most creative minds. If you've never been to the arcade before, it's a fun place to find unique gifts as well as inspiration for your own projects.

ETA: Since many of my readers are knitters, perhaps I should highlight that Stacey from Knit One will be doing a yarn dyeing demo on Saturday at 1:30. Check the site for a full schedule of crafty demos.

Sneak peak...

I thought I'd share this shot from a recent photo session with a beautiful mama-to-be...

Does she have a great figure or what!?