Monday, July 7, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I've been tagged by...well, Amanda and Cara. 5 things I cannot live without.

"Name five things that you can't live without. It can't be a person, it has to be something material that actually makes your life easier. It can't be something in general, it must be exact. Also, it can't be the obvious like a cell phone or computer."

1. Chapstick. If I leave the house without it, especially if I'm going to be eating while I'm out, I would go mad without Chapstick. If I ever think about participating in something like Survivor where you can't take anything with you...I know that I just wouldn't be able to do it because I don't think I could survive without it.

2. Dairy. It plays such a crucial role in so many wonderful things that I love to eat... I just can't imagine going without.

3. Fabric. And if I had to choose a single fiber, I think it would be cotton. I love fabric and I use it every day, all day, in so many different ways.

4. My glasses or contact lenses. Seriously blind without them and I occasionally wonder what life would be like if I weren't able to see clearly. (This is assuming that laser surgery to correct my vision were not an option. Boy we have it good in 2008.)

5. At first it took me a while to think of a fifth necessity, and now I have two similar items: stroller and shopping cart. I think both are invaluable in managing to be out and about with a baby, yet both have their own limitations, so I couldn't decide between the two.

I'm gonna tag DrDrama.