Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pop the cork...

my Bubbly is done! Started over a year ago, but neglected for the majority of that I don't know why I didn't just finish it sooner. Once you get past the first half of the pattern it becomes much easier since it is much less random.

Here it is blocking...

There are two problems with the final product.
1) I ran out of yarn about 80% of the way through. I ordered more and while it's barely noticeably while hanging on my door, there is definitely a color shift that became apparent when I blocked it. I'm really not concerned with this.

2) The entire curtain used 8 balls of yarn, which means lots of ends to weave in. Since this is a rather sheer knit being held up to the light, that means that the woven in ends become visible when light streams through from behind. Ooops. So, if you're going to attempt a curtain that will be sheer, either get a large enough skein or cone of yarn with no ends, or perhaps switch balls at the end of a row and weave in ends up and down the edges. Since it is already starched, I think I'm going to let it go, but if I ever wash it again, I'll consider trying to weave them in less noticeably.

Despite these little issues...I LOVE it! The photo is a little looks awesome live. I starched it like mad and it does hang pretty flat, but there is a little drape and I probably should have made it just a tad wider to accommodate that. Still deciding on the rod to hang it...the makeshift rod in my photos is actually a plant support - that's how eager I was to get it up on the door.

Okay, Erin...your turn! ;)


Amanda said...

It really does look lovely! I used a cone of the linen because I was concerned with weaving in the ends- more because I didn't think I could do it neatly enough and find cotton and linen tails always pop back out for me. I never considered they may be visible when light hit the curtain. In any case, I think it is perfect decoration for your door. And congratulations to you for finishing it after all this time!

cara said...

it looks great! i too had never considered how the woven in ends would look with light shining through.