Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Endeavors

Over the weekend I got this wonderful book at the local library's book sale.

(R actually found it for me!) This comes at a wonderful time. Lately I've gotten the idea in my head that I would like to make a quilt. My mom is a quilter, so I know the amount of work involved (I'm talking all hand quilting here) and my sister, who recently finished her first quilt - a queen size with no piecing, reminded me that it took her seven years to make it. Seven YEARS. So I'm thinking I'll probably start with something small like a doll quilt just to get a taste. What really interests me is the design part, not so much the hand quilting which actually horrifies me a little bit. I think the urge must have started because I got to design a baby quilt that my mom made for Finn and that made me all giddy inside.
I also have the inkling to do some embroidery, which I've done before but with no real knowledge of proper stitches. This book has got it all, so I'm ready to go. As you can see, the book also has more wonderful things, like applique which I'd love to incorporate into quilting and other sewing projects. It will be a great additional resource for knitting, should I need it, and crochet, should I want to add that to my repertoire. I think I'll skip the macrame. And...rug-making. Which is my reminder that I must finish my hooked rug in progress before I start dreaming up some quilt.

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Amanda said...

My mother had that book while I was growing up! I must admit I spent a lot of time paging through it planning and pretending that I would make great beautiful things. :o)