Wednesday, June 13, 2007

over the lips, past the gums, look out stomach...

Finn has been eating purees for about two and a half weeks now. He's usually pretty eager to eat.

So far, I've made all of the food. We've done carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and butternut squash. All cooked and pureed and then frozen in ice cube trays for easy use. Finn tolerates carrots, loves sweet potatoes, gags and pukes on peas and enjoys squash. Last night I mixed some peas in with his sweet potatoes and he gobbled it down, so it's nice to know that I have a way to get him to eat the less appetizing veggies. R also gave him some mashed banana the other day and said he really liked it. In a day or two I'll start giving him more fruits - his reward for eating all his veggies. I have a decent freezer stash of food that didn't take much work, so I don't think the homemade thing is too difficult at this point. My strategy has been to pick a veggie to make every few days and that provides enough to last quite a while. I used and The Baby Bistro Cookbook as guidance for what to give him when and how to prepare it. I think I'll actually have more trouble when it's time for table foods since Finn probably eats better than R and I do at this point. I'm not so good about making sure our meals are well rounded.

Things I've learned: I had trouble with organic carrots from Costco - they were super hard, even after cooking for... a looong time and I ended up having to throw them out because I couldn't get them to puree in my blender. Use decent ice cube trays. Initially I used a set that was cheaper and the cubes were round (so, not exactly cubes). It was more difficult to get the not-cubes out of the tray and I don't think the thinner plastic would have lasted very long.


Amanda said...

I knew it wasn't the most impossibly hard thing to do! Maybe I am not so crazy afterall. Granted I will probably be working, but I can do all my cooking on the weekend. Thank you for sharing your experience so far!

Finn looks like a little baby bird waiting for his next meal. Peep! peep! peep!

jen said...

I think where the jarred convenience will come in handy is when you're on the go, since the jars don't need to be refrigerated. He hasn't had any meals away from home, so we'll see how that goes when the time comes.

Amy said...

I'll be picking your brain about this in a few months. :-) Making my own will be the easiest way to pass up the "free" food at daycare.

And I love the photo, too. :-)