Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still kicking...

Yeah...I know. I've been slacking on the blogging. Just been too busy otherwise to publish a proper post. So... here's a quick rundown of recent developments.

Fourth of July was fairly uneventful...stayed home and watched fireworks through the front window from the couch. Finn slept through the big display, but was a little bothered by the neighbor kids and their shenanigans.

The Sean stocking is a hanging loop away from being completed and I will be sharing it soon.

Finn's new talent is clicking his tongue, which I find to be so, so adorable.

No crawling...he just rolls all the way across the room. Then he gets peeved when he reaches a wall or closed door and can't go any further.

7.5 months and no teeth.

In the kitchen...last week was birthday cake for R, but since then the kitchen has entered a state of redo. It is finally getting some updates in the hopes that it will become much more user friendly. This makes me infinitely happy and a tiny bit sad that it wasn't done earlier.

I don't have any relevant photos prepared, so I just picked one of the babe to share here.

This is Finn reaching out to say, "Don't leave, loyal readers! Mama promises to keep posting."


Amanda said...

And who could say no to that face? I certainly don't have the strength! Did you get the toe decreases on the stocking correct? I am assuming so if you have nearly completed the project!

jen said...

Well, I did about half of the toe at KNS and when I got home found that the decreases were actually supposed to be every row, not every other. So, it has a slighlty longer toe than is called for, but not a big deal. Thanks for the help!