Friday, July 20, 2007

We've got mobility!

I've been so busy chasing baby that I feel like I am way overdue in posting about this momentous occasion! Last weekend, Finn started crawling...and at the same time...pulling up to stand wherever he can. Here he is trying to get his new stocking!

The babe's already got a fondness for the handknits! And I must say that I am very happy for BabyLegs - his poor little legs get all red without them.

So, we're pretty unprepared for this mobile creature. There really should be some kind of warning. It didn't take too long before I decided to put up a baby gate, which we just happened to have gotten on Saturday morning, pre-mobility. Maybe that's a gate and the kid starts to move. In any case, he loves being a caged animal:


Amanda said...

Go Finn GO!!!

cara said...

how exciting! watch out now!!! he's on the move!

be glad he likes to be caged, max screams bloody murder when i put him inside a gated room.... the only way i can do it is if i gate us both in there together... which doesn't help much...