Sunday, March 16, 2008

a day at the museum

I took this family photo at the Children's Museum, where we recently spent an afternoon with some visiting out of town family. Things started off nice and easy. Among other things, Finn enjoyed the bubble-making see saw with some of his cousins.

But things got really interesting once we made our way up to the third floor water play area. He had no notion of the joy he was about to experience.

Fish anyone?

Finn loves to splash in the tub, so I knew he would delight in this "exhibit". He splished...

and splashed...

and even dunked his face in a few times. He was thoroughly soaked to his toes.

I knew in advance that I should have a change of clothes if we planned on letting him play in the water, but I wasn't thinking about the shoes. He should have been wearing the provided sandals like his cousin Annie.

She wore the shoes, but refused to put on a raincoat.

Once he was done splashing in the pool, he went on to do some hydro engineering with the big kids.

By this point I think his hands were probably numb, but he did not want to leave the free flowing water.

However, the place was closing so we had to do our best to wring him out. He even got his first blowdry.

Our party included 7 kids ages ranging in age from 14 months to 13 years and I think all of them had fun. Actually, we didn't even get to enter the hands on art area on the first floor (which I love). It closed earlier than the rest of the museum, so I'd plan on going there first if you're interested.


cara said...

ooh, this looks like a blast! i think we might need to have a grandparents watch andy day so that chris and i can take max there! looks like a blast!

Michelle said...

I was so bummed when we last went because the water area was closed for painting! We did spend quite a bit of time in the art area with our friend's 2 year old. She made painting after painting after painting. It really is a lovely place. I can't wait to take amelia (and an alternate set of clothes and shoes)!

Amanda said...

Looks like Fin had a lot of fun! I had no idea the museum had such wet things to do!

RD said...

precious! I took my former boss' 5 year old to the children's museum and she wore me out! Looks like Finn had an absolute blast. Beautiful photos too!