Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, so I'm late. I'm asking you to just play along and pretend this was posted a month ago. For the second year in a row, Finn and I happened to be visiting Nana and PopPop in time for Fastnacht Day - aka Doughnut Day, Fat Tuesday, whatever you like to call it. We always make homemade doughnuts and lots of them.

Who doesn't love deep fried dough?

Even the little ones lent a hand or two.

A little girl after my own heart. Yes, I had an affinity for eating raw dough.

I said "had". Honest. Oh, you ask where is my kid? My kid was in the next room dumping toys on his face.

He does this all the time. Legos, puzzles, you name it. What can I say?

Soooo...now you want to see pictures of the finished product. Ha, are you nuts?! I like to take photos, but I like engorging myself on fresh from the grease doughnuts even more, so the camera had to be put down. Turns out Finn's alright after all. He made an eager appearance in the kitchen in time to chow on doughnuts just like the rest of us.


Michelle said...

Oh we can pretend alright. In fact, why don't we pretend that Fat Tuesday is actually this Sunday and that's what you bring for knitting;)

Your lack of the finished product is totally understandable. Also Finn is a smart man to avoid the mess in the kitchen--he's less likely to have to help clean up that way:)

Amanda said...

I second Michelle's suggestion. Those look so yummy I want to jump in the picture! MMmmmmmm Donuts!