Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm back and miserable.

We spent several days in the Phoenix area where I attended a photography workshop and got to photograph lots of cuties such as this little lady (yay!)...

We went to the Wildlife World Zoo where we got to feed a giraffe (YAY!!!).

The tot tripped and slammed his face into the coffee table in the hotel room, cutting his lip in two places, his chin in two places (requiring his first ever band-aid aside from immunizations), and getting a small bruise on his forehead (boo!).

We drove to Sedona...lovely!

This is my lame tourist snapshot...

Then the day we flew home... the tot woke up with a fever. Boo! for him, Yay! for me and everyone else on the plane since it meant he slept the entire long flight home without a peep.

Now, the whole family is miserably sick (boo!).

And back to work (that's actually a yay! for me since I had a cool maternity session this weekend that I was glad I did even though I still had a slight fever. My client wasn't scared off by my illness). No photos to share from this one just yet - remember...miserably sick.


Michelle said...

Hopefully the Yay!s outweighed the Boo!s :) Your babe is still impossibly cute even in a bandaid and bruises.

Amanda said...

I saw the photos on your flickr page and was wondering who all the random children where. They are so cute! Great photos too. I hope that you are all healthy again soon! Welcome home!

Annie and Greg said...

Wow Jen! I mean, I know you are tall and all but I didn't realize that you were so tall that you had to lean over to feed a giraffe!