Friday, March 16, 2007

Mother's milk

Okay, I'm off to a slow start with the blog action. I was holding off until I had photos to share of my latest completed project. So where are they? Photoshop is being pissy and not functioning AT ALL. Boo.

A couple weeks ago, I left Finn home with Daddy for a few hours, along with a bottle of EBM. While out, I received a call for help with a screaming baby in the background. Finn wanted the real deal and was, as Daddy put it, "freaking out." Home I went. Yes, we had given him a bottle before and he gobbled it down, but we didn't make a habit of it - big mistake. We spent the next week trying to get him to take a bottle. He did. He didn't. He did. He didn't. I was getting a little annoyed at all the pumping and dumping when he refused and it seemed that no real progress was being made. That brings us to the following Saturday, when I had a photo shoot scheduled and would have to leave again for a few hours. The plan was to give Finn a milky snack before he was really hungry. Luckily, the snacking worked and Finn ended up sleeping during most of my time away. We've been continuing the bottle snacking and he's still trying to hold out for the fresh stuff. This kid's some sort of breastmilk connoisseur. No plastic tainting his liquid gold.

On a happier parenting note, the recent spring time change brought my longest stretch of sleep in months. Finn slept through the night for the first time. I got to sleep for almost six straight hours. Good Baby! That was 5 nights ago. How many times has he done it since, you ask? Zero. I'll take what I can get.

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