Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby gifties

My latest knitting endeavor involved making my very first pair of baby booties. I am not exactly a fan of dpns (although I have a feeling I'd like bamboo better than my slippery, little, metal skewers) and that is part of the reason I shy away from tiny little knits. The Saartje bootees, however...totally addicting. After running out of the leftover yarn I was using on the initial pair, I started this second pair.

These went to my friend's new baby along with this receiving blanket that I made.

I know one other person expecting a baby this year (a boy), so I think I'll be adapting the pattern to make some boy friendly booties (have you browsed through these things on ravelry?!). And I have no doubt that any future babe of mine will be lucky enough to wear handknit booties. Sorry, Tot - I hope your baby feet weren't chilly in their store bought, ill-fitting socks.


Amanda said...

I love that bootie pattern! They turned out so nice. I agree that the metal DPNs are a little excessivly slippery with some yarns! Wood and bamboo are less so, but I have heard stories of them snapping (and dogs eating them...ahem).

Michelle said...

adorable! I've always loved that bootie pattern but have yet to give it a go. As always, your work is great inspiration!

Annie and Greg said...

Skewer is my favorite word. (And no, that wasn't just a random comment. You used that word in your entry.)