Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Sweetie

Today most of the local kidlets are off to start the new school year and it has me thinking about summer coming to an end. I'm completely looking forward to Autumn, but trying to savor the remains of summer for the next month or so. I shared some shots of this little girlie on the photo blog, but thought I'd share more here. They make me completely jealous of those of you with little girls and I hope you had the chance to let yours run around barefoot in the grass in light summer dresses.

I love this shot with the bubble perfectly poised above her head.

She looks sad, but I think she's just plotting to catch the next bubble because this next shot was seconds later.

The dress in these last shots is a continuation of my vintage children's clothing obsession. My 18 years older sister had some really darling dresses when she was little and now about 50 years later my niece can wear them. You have to check out the full size photo for the detail, but it is a light pink sheer cotton dress with embroidered tulips on it. More little girl jealousy from me right there! At least I get to photograph her prancing around in them.


DrDrama said...

I love little girls' vintage dresses, too. We recently unearthed some of my old dresses from when I was little Unfortunately they include a '70s style polyester toddler pantsuit in burnt orange!

cara said...

adorable... and just so you know, i can totally relate.

Michelle said...

there are those of us on the other side wishing to buy sweater vests and seer sucker suits!

kristin farnsworth said...

the vintage dress is very pretty, my fav is sitting on the lawn with the little bubble above her. What a doll girl.